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What does durian taste like?

Malaysia is well-known for many things, her special landscape, rich history, fusion of culture and most significantly, food!

The durian often receives mixed reviews from travelers near and far who have concerned taste the King of Fruits.

Well, to answer that concern, it would depend as to the type of durian that you are consuming. Yes, there are lots of different types of durian readily available!

The durian, a cherished delicacy in Malaysia, besides been grown in numerous parts of Malaysia, is also well liked, just as how it is well like all over Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Thailand. Malaysia is understood to be a domain durian exporter worldwide.

Malaysia is known to be a food haven. According to a study conducted by CNN through a Facebook poll in 2015, Malaysia ranked 6th amongst locations in the world with the finest food.

Numerous travelers, bloggers or simply individuals in basic are often curious regarding how this specific fruit, crowned the King of Fruits in Malaysia taste like.

The durian is known to have a stinky reputation, being banned in public transport throughout South East Asian countries, it is utilized practically everywhere in the Malaysian food. You can find it in curries, pastries, desserts and even rice simply among others.

Here we have listed 6 various variations of durians that can be discovered in Malaysia almost anywhere which we think that you should try!

1.) Musang King

Musang King is considered to be among the crèmes da le crème of durians in Malaysia due to its smooth, filling and dynamic yellow flesh!

2.) D24

The D24 is also thought about to be part of the premier durian, understood for its creamy texture which will melt in your mouth, making you wish to have more!

Warning: it is addicting!

3.) XO

XO durian typically draws in those that have actually an acquired taste for bitter durians, as it is rather bitter. From its light-yellow flesh as soon as can tell its bitterness.

4.) D13

The D13 species of durian is sweet, less creamy with large seeds and does not have that much of a pungent smell, best for the first timers trying durian without getting a fear of the odor if durian.

5.) D101

The D101 durian is perfect for those who are on a diet as it is not as sweet as other durians yet still creamy and succulent. A success in the Southern states of Malaysia like Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

6.) Red Prawn

The Red Prawn durian understood for its flesh which is a combination of orange and red in color and is understood to be sweet however not a big hit as it can be exceptionally sticky.

7.) Black Pearl

A true test of a durian connoisseur is if he/she delights in the Black Pearl durian. Understood for having being bitter, having less flesh and small seeds, the Black Pearl is not a recommendation for newbie durian eaters.

Durian season in Malaysia is generally between June till August every year, nevertheless you will be able to find durian throughout the year in Malaysia. There are numerous eateries that use durian buffets in Kuala Lumpur all year round.

You can buy it by means of online at Sidang Durian if you are in Kuala Lumpur looking to acquire or taste fresh durian today


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