Davie Forgaty

Discover the inspiring story of Davie, an introverted entrepreneur who went from a $500 start-up to a net worth of half a billion dollars – read on to gain motivation and hope for success and wealth!

Davie was born in Adelaide, Australia, and grew up in an supportive family who worked hard to put him through school. Despite this, Davie felt insecure and was told that he was stupid by his teachers. After a parent-teacher interview in grade 10 where his teachers said he was failing, Davie was presented with an ultimatum to either start working hard or his parents would stop supporting him. This prompted Davie to find something within himself and he found it by watching Nike commercials. This motivated him to develop a plan to get better grades, get a job and go to university in order to make money. His first job was moving things around in a warehouse and in five years, he went from $500 to 500 million and was listed on the Australian Financial Rich List alongside Margot Robbie.

David began his journey by working for minimum wage, and using this money to go to the gym. He soon realized that his small efforts were making a difference in improving his physical and mental health. With the help of a tutor, he was able to successfully turn his life around in a year and get into mining engineering. However, upon his first day of university, he realized it was not for him and he began launching businesses and making money through Instagram. Eventually, he was making the six-figure salary he had aspired to from mining engineering, and decided to become a personal trainer. Throughout the day, he had six burner phones on the bench, giving off the impression of a drug dealer.

After becoming a successful personal trainer, the speaker invested a large sum of money into a food franchise that did not succeed. Desperate for money, he then began buying and selling Instagram accounts, until he was scammed out of $40,000. During this time, he was drinking heavily and was in a dark place, until his father taught him a lesson about letting go of mistakes. He then decided to move to Melbourne, learn about e-commerce, and launch his own brand, in the hopes of becoming financially free.

After spending time learning about Instagram management, influencer management, photography, videography, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, I decided to launch my own business. This was not a successful endeavor, and I ended up with no money in my bank account. I found an article about weighted blankets and felt this was a product that would work and I ordered stock from China. With the skills I had gained from my past failures, I was able to launch the store from scratch. To get the funds for the business, I pre-sold the stock but it ended up getting caught in a customs border hold, delaying it by five weeks and leaving me with 400 unhappy customers.

After waiting five weeks to receive their stock, a person was able to launch Calming Blankets, resulting in $1.5 million in profit in its first year. This success allowed them to purchase a Range Rover and a house, travel the world and launch the Oodie, resulting in tens of millions in revenue and millions of happy customers. Throughout the journey, this person doubted themselves, but ultimately encourages others to never give up, keep learning and enjoy the process.

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